Biomass runs by rail

Biomass runs by rail


Standard solutions are not how we do things, which is why we, as a stable biomass supplier, have decided to improve and innovate the supply of wood chips to our customers. Within the group, we are committed to a long-term concept of sustainable business and, whenever possible, we seek efficient and flexible solutions for the customer, as well as solutions friendly towards the environment.

In this way, we now newly transport wood by train and, thanks to technology, we chip it straight during unloading. This saves time and costs of unloading, storage and additional handling.

The result is:

  • A better quality biomass without siftings
  • Higher calorific value
  • Quickening of the entire delivery process and time saving (2day train transport versus 8-day road transport)
  • The possibility of much larger material transport per delivery (1,600 tonnes by train versus 24 tonnes by truck)
  • Saving of more than 60 trucks and dramatically reducing the carbon footprint per delivery